Men’s health – taking care of private parts

When genital care is discussed, many men exclude themselves from such debates. They define genital health care as a woman affair. They assume that the man body is clean and should be taken much care. This is wrong, the male private parts like the female private parts are sensitive parts and require equal attention. How to take care of the man’s genitals remain unknown to many people. Many people shy away from speaking about the issue. There are specific ways in which a man should take care of his genitals. This is examples of how to take care of a man’s private part.

Wash the genitals with water

ghgfhfghgfhhfghThe basic cleanness principles should be maintained. Be sure to wash your genital with clean water. The penis can contract infections if kept dirty. A man daily chores make him sweat a substantial amount of sweat that can cause a significant health complication. The sweat conation acid components that can cause itching to the man genital. Sweat should be wash away as soon as it accumulates.

The scrotum should be washed with clean water. The surface of the scrotum is a soft surface and should only be washed using a soft cloth. Be sure to wash the opening of the anus. This is a place that can hold infections and pass it to the genitals. After sex and penetration wash the penis with clean water and dry it off.

Wear a clean and a loose underwear

A man who values his genital health should also wear clean underwear. An underwear prevents a person from contracting dust from the outside. It is like a cover to the penis and the scrotum. A dirty underwear can be a store of germs and bacteria. If a dirty underwear comes into contact with the head of an uncircumcised penis, this can be an avenue of entry of germs to the urethra and the inner parts of the man’s private part.

The underwear should be loose and made of cotton. Cotton is the best material as it can absorb dirt and sweat as it is formed. A cotton underwear should, however, be changed frequently. The underwear should be loose and allow room for air circulations. The man’s balls are created to hang freely on the body. The room for air circulation is good as it allows the private parts to be kept at a very low temperature as required.gfhgfhfghfghfghfghfgh

Keep your pubic hair short

One should always trim the pubic hair to a manageable size. Along public hair is a threat to the human health. The hair can be a store of germs and diseases causing organism. Pubic hair makes it hard for soaps to be completely leased. The soap remainders can cause a lot of discomfort and itching. As a general rule, the pubic hair should always be kept below half an inch. Long pubic hair can also carry bacteria from a woman’s body during sex. It should, therefore, be trimmed regularly.